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In January 2010 we were featured (and interviewed!) on BBC Radio 4's PM programme. Check out the piece and the accompanying article. Thanks to Nigel at BBC4/PM and our friends at The Tapeworm for making this happen.

Out now! 11 Oct. 2010

K7F007 - Satellite Clouds - "SML Queen" C50
(cosmic and epic experimental synthesizer soundscapes from this Swedish sound artist)

K7F008 - Ajilvsga - "Swamp Bird" C46
(murky, dense, and noisy drone/industrial works from this Oklahoma-based duo)

K7F009 - Baraclough - "Own Machinery Standards" C44
(droning and psychoacoustic industrial & field recordings from this London-based trio)

Out now! 01 Feb. 2009

K7F004 - Envenomist - "The Reservoir" C30
(mysterious and haunting analogue soundscapes from this Ohio-based project)

K7F005 - Alistair Crosbie - "Seven Starlings More" C46
(captivating and beautiful experimental drones from this Glasgow-based sound artist)

K7F006 - Dysthymia - "Guardian Of Emotions" C60
(depressing and noisy analogue industrial works from this American project)

Out now! 05 Feb. 2008

K7F001 - Dead Shall Not Have Died In Vain - "Of What Remains" C30
(aggressive, anguished noise and more haunting material from this American noise artist)

K7F002 - Alain Jans - "Après moi, le déluge" C60
(droning and abstract musique concrete from this obscure French sound artist based in Glasgow)

K7F003 - Sshe Retina Stimulants - "Special Bill" C90
(two live sets of experimental noise recorded during 1997 in North America by Italy's NG5361 of Sigillum S)

All tapes come with offset-printed covers and are limited to 100 numbered copies
For more information, contact info@tape-fiend.com